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Please choose the category below most applicable to your required NanoVit solution, or read more at

Each category contains the list of available pre-prepared products for Engine and Transmission solutions. These are solutions of NanoVit powder in oils compatible with most engines or transmission sets in use in the category. All prepared solutions come with comprehensive instructions for application. This is a simple process, but if you aren't sure take a look at the "How to Use" page or call us.

Not sure what you need? If you are not sure which product is right for your application then feel free to call us for advice, take a look at How To Use, or have a look on the Testminonials page to see if someone has already used it in a similar application

Special Requirements? If you have a particular lubricant you wish to have a NanoVit solution prepared with, then please contact us to discuss your requirements, this is particularly applicable to industry applications. All our details are available under the "Contact Us" link above.

Cars and Vans

Motorbikes, including Wet-clutch

Trucks and BusesTrucks and Buses
NanoVit standard preparations for Trucks and Buses

Shipping and IndustryShipping and Industry
Shipping and Industry preparations formulated according to your specific needs using the NanoVit powder

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NanoVit is the award-winning Nano-particle designed to improve engine efficiency through reduced friction and surface regeneration.

The effects of surface regeneration with the new NanoVit layer mean :

  • The very best protection against wear, up to 200,000Km and beyond
  • Engine cleaning and Surface regeneration; restore your engine surfaces to original manufacturer condition
  • Extremely low surface friction to improve engine efficiency 
  • Improved performance and power
  • 5 times lubricant lifetime increases 
  • Lower emissions and noise levels
  • Fuel savings

NanoVit gives reassurance that you have treated your engine or application with the best surface agent currently available. NanoVit's properties have been confirmed by lubrication scientists, independent trials by TUV Germany and world-leading university research facilities in comprehensive laboratory tests. We are unique in terms of demonstrable effectiveness and genuine nano-technology to ensure a totally safe and compatible use in all oils and applications.

NanoVit®–Mixtures are normal oils (e.g.10W40, 85W90 or ATF 75 W) for composite engines with metallic surfaces modified with the NanoVit® particle. NanoVit® guarantees a safe, system-comptabile friction reduction, an increase of wear protection and an improvement of the general performance parameters. NanoVit® is the product of nano technology, a smart-material not a simple lubricant additive. NanoVit® is still effective after oil changes. NanoVit® does not change the recipe or the formula of the oil

Why NanoVit? NanoVit is fully certified by TUV Thuringen and backed by product insurance from Allianz. Our customers can be assured by our rigorous testing and trialling process to guarantee the highest standards of safety and performance possible for the product.

NanoVit has been recognized by the scientific community and awarded several prestigous honours:

  - Award at the 2008 Automative Innovation Competition judged by Mazda, Opel and Mercedes-Benz
  - Qualification for the Innovation Prize of the German Economy 2008.


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